Process management.

Process management with the BAMAC Group: agile, efficient and future-oriented. Increase the competitiveness of your company with optimized processes! The BAMAC Group supports you with process modeling, automation and business process excellence.

The competence requirements for process management have changed considerably in recent years. Ten years ago, the focus was on process documentation and isolated process optimizations. Today, process management teams have to deal with organizational development, strategic process management, process controlling, low-code process automation, RPA and process mining technologies.

The BAMAC Group supports them both in this transformation process and in its implementation.

Business process modeling

The competitiveness and survival of companies increasingly depend on the agile, cost-effective and correct handling of business processes. In this context, the global financial and economic crisis merely serves as an indication of the dynamically interlinked processes in the real and financial economy. Shortening product life cycles and increasing customer demands in terms of price and product quality require permanent adjustments and improvements to business and technical processes.

The basis in the BAMAC Group is the BPMN method. Process models generally form both the starting point (actual processes) and the result (target processes) of analysis and optimization activities within business process management. In conjunction with data mining, we work with our customers to develop the initial situation for the optimization of existing processes or the specification of applications in the form of applications through to the support of workflow processes with Camunda.

A man and two women are sitting at a white table in front of a large window. The man sits in the middle and, together with the woman on his right, holds a laptop as if he wants to take it from her. All three are looking at this tablet screen. In front of the other woman is an open silver laptop. Overall, the picture is very bright, partly due to the white shirts worn by the three people.
In a conference room with wooden wall paneling, a black man in a burgundy shirt and gray jacket stands in front of a group of people sitting at a wooden table looking at him while he gives what appears to be a lecture. He has a printed paper in his hand. In front of the others on the table are more papers, as well as white coffee cups and drinking glasses.

Process automation & business process excellence

In the BAMAC Group, we combine the use of new technologies such as Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Text Mining to achieve efficient processes with a high degree of automation. In the area of workflow management, we support the introduction and establishment of Camunda.

We make your processes transparent with process mining. By analyzing process data, we uncover weak points and potential for optimization. RPA enables the automation of repetitive tasks that previously depended on manual intervention. Software bots take over these tasks and relieve your employees. We use text mining to extract valuable information from unstructured data sources such as emails, documents or social media posts. This information can be used to optimize processes, identify new customer needs or improve decision-making.

By combining these technologies with our expertise in the area of business process excellence, we can help you to optimize your processes sustainably and achieve your business goals.

Managed Service

The BAMAC Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of managed services aimed at optimizing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your IT infrastructure and business processes.

Managed services are IT services that a service provider provides for a company or organization. The BAMAC Group supports them in the creation, review and expansion of the required services and provides them with information on costs and prices in line with the market on the basis of benchmark data. By taking over administrative tasks, we take the pressure off you and allow you to focus on your core competencies.

The BAMAC Group is characterized by many years of experience and expertise in the field of managed services. We offer you customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Group work with laptops - different people sit at a wooden table. In the foreground is a man wearing a blue cap and a blue, white and red checked shirt. He has both hands stretched out in front of him, palms facing upwards.
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Mit der BAMAC Group als Partner profitieren Sie von unserer langjährigen Erfahrung und Expertise im Bereich Prozessmanagement. Wir unterstützen Sie dabei, Ihre Prozesse zukunftsorientiert und effizient zu gestalten und so Ihre Geschäftsziele zu erreichen.

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