Project & program management

Thanks to our many years of experience in national and international projects, we know exactly what is important when companies face major and significant changes. We accompany you competently, effectively and purposefully on the way to your corporate goals and ensure that you are set up for sustainable success.

The management of change within the company includes the organizational structuring of projects and programs. This makes the progress required to achieve the company’s goals measurable. The strength of the BAMAC Group lies in employing experienced managers who, in addition to a business background, are also proficient in software development (in-house development and customizing of standard software).

The client’s objectives determine whether agile, hybrid or traditional management methods are used.

Project/program management

Project and program management is crucial to the success of the project.
We use both traditional project management methods and agile approaches with our clients. We offer project management for individual projects or support our clients in program management for comprehensive projects.

We can handle a variety of tasks, from coaching project managers and taking over IT project/program management to project audits, project restructuring and conflict and crisis management.

Our experts have a broad range of experience in national and international projects with project volumes from around EUR 1 million to around EUR 400 million.

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The BAMAC Group offers comprehensive support in setting up and participating in strategic and operational Project Management Offices (PMO) as well as in organizing and participating in Project Offices (PO).
In the PMO, we are actively involved in development and implementation, ensure governance in accordance with proven standards such as PMBOK, PRINCE2 and CMMI, offer training and coaching, carry out project audits, manage the IT project portfolio, control resources and promote knowledge management.

In the Project Office, we provide planning support, structure projects, analyze profitability, estimate costs and expenses, create project plans, record project master data, monitor hours and deadlines, evaluate project information and create reports and decision templates.

Demand/request management

The basis for successful application development is requirements management. Elements are the analysis, documentation, coordination and management of requirements.

We support you in the following activities:

  • Requirements management in application development
  • Demand management in service processes (according to ITIL)

Our employees take on the following roles:

  • Requirement Engineer
  • Product Owner
  • System architect
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Test/quality management

The right test strategy and the right approach create the basis for successful test management and optimum quality assurance.

A test concept that takes into account the project approach – classic or agile – and incorporates both best practices and the latest trends and developments is the basis for efficient test management and successful test automation.

The BAMAC Group offers a holistic approach and a comprehensive portfolio of services.

IT Controlling

IT controlling deals with the planning, management and target orientation of IT projects in companies. This results in solutions for the increasing benefit and cost pressure to which IT is exposed. IT Controlling provides adequate tools and results for this purpose. These concern, among other things, the identification, evaluation and prioritization of projects for the respective planning period and are developed in collaboration with the heads of the specialist departments.

When managing IT projects, it is important to continuously monitor each project in project controlling. This means that warning signals can be recognized in good time and the chances of completion on time and within budget can be secured. When defining and estimating the costs of IT projects, the focus is on the manufacturing processes of the IT products. The aim is commercial product costing.

The foreground of the picture shows the hand of a man holding a black fountain pen. In front of him are some papers printed with diagrams and tables, as well as an open laptop. He holds a white coffee cup in his other hand.
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