IT value contribution.

Learn how your IT investments can add value to your business. We offer holistic solutions to optimize the contribution of your IT to your business strategy and achieve sustainable competitive advantages.

The digital transformation of companies has had a major impact on the demands placed on IT: the aim of IT is to act as a business enabler. Because in future, IT will help shape company processes. The disclosure of the current value contribution of IT gives companies the ability to plan and measure the use of IT as a resource. This sustainably increases the company’s competitiveness.

What the value contribution consists of often depends on the observer: technical excellence, efficient development, minimal service and operating costs or innovative products and services. The BAMAC Group creates a coherent picture of the IT value contribution of companies. This includes determining the impact of the IT value contribution on the key financial figures and the overall implementation.

IT portfolio management

The task of IT portfolio management is to coordinate the measures to increase the value contribution in the organization. IT portfolio management acts as a bridge between strategic, tactical and operational planning. The task is to establish the link between corporate goals and IT tasks, the planning and management of IT projects and IT products. An investment portfolio is used to illustrate the financial relationships.

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IT Value Management

Discover how IT Value Management can help you maximize the value of your IT investments and increase your company’s profits at the same time. We support you in this:

  • determine and increase the value contribution of your IT measures
  • Achieve cost savings, increase sales and improve processes
  • Strengthen customer satisfaction, innovation and competitiveness

Find out how IT Value Management can lead your company to success!

IT Asset Value

IT is a central component of company valuations in due diligence processes. The BAMAC Group offers answers to the following questions:

  • What is the value of the software systems in the company?
  • What is the value of the IT infrastructure?
  • When does the replacement of a software system pay off?
  • When does your company achieve the greatest benefit?
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Value Transformation

By determining the IT value contribution, it is possible to determine the contribution of measures to the company’s profit. The BAMAC Group has developed a maturity model consisting of processes and models that enables the step-by-step establishment of IT value contribution in companies.

Value Mining

From purchasing to customer service: a smoothly functioning value chain is the basis for outstanding customer service, competitive advantages and profitability. Increasing complexity, insufficiently integrated systems or unexpected interruptions lead to processes being slowed down or coming to a standstill. With value mining, we use process mining and data-driven insights to increase process performance, build operational resilience and unlock hidden value creation potential.

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Increase your IT value contribution with us!
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