Digital solutions and development.

Learn how your IT investments can add value to your business. We offer holistic solutions to optimize the contribution of your IT to your business strategy and achieve sustainable competitive advantages.

Digital solutions are the basis for new products and process automation in companies. The necessary digital solutions are selected individually based on the company’s needs: A distinction is made between the introduction of standard applications and in-house developments. The decision criteria are the economic efficiency and sustainability of the investments. The BAMAC Group’s strength lies in demonstrably increasing the IT value contribution for companies and being able to provide productive and efficient development teams to implement the projects.

The BAMAC Group supports the creation of modern digital B2B/B2C platforms in order to optimize internal processes or implement automation. The BAMAC Group also provides support for process automation and work process control. Our solutions for risk management (D.Risk), HR (D.LEV) and CRM (D.CRM) are industry-neutral and cost-efficient. In addition, we offer capacities for the development of digital solutions as part of order development and process analysis (data mining).


The D.Risk solution comprises four risk areas:

  • Financial Risk Report
    The focus is on the supplier’s financial stability. To this end, we analyze current data from balance sheets and annual financial statements.
  • Performance Risk Report
    This solution provides you with information on performance in the development or customizing of the supplier’s software.
  • Compliance Risk Report
    The Compliance Risk Report provides you with information on weaknesses or findings of the supplier from a selection of previously defined test procedures.
  • Supply Chain Risk Report
    The SCRR provides you with information on the stability of supply chains and thus valuable information on production planning and delivery capability.
A female person was working on a laptop on which a bar chart and a pie chart were displayed. She has a pen in her hand and various printed papers lying on the table in front of her. Windows can be seen in the background.
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The D.LEV solution (based on Office365) supports the process of agreeing objectives within an organization. It includes the following technical requirements:

  • Workflow D.LEV
  • Target catalog
  • Remuneration model
  • Individual target agreement
  • Employee appraisal and evaluation
  • Beurteilung der Mitarbeiter
  • Reports


The CRM product comprises solution modules for internal process optimization based on Office365. The following modules are included:

  • Customer data
  • Customer contact history
  • Ticket system
  • Travel expense application
  • Travel expense report
  • CTI connection
  • Outlook connection
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Data Mining

Data mining has formed the basis for the evaluation of processes and projects in the BAMAC Group’s data analysis for many years.

Data mining refers to the concept of systematically and evaluation of mass data or big data. The aim of data mining is to find trends and patterns in the market and in consumer behavior and to take appropriate action. Data mining uses methods from statistics, computer science and mathematics to automatically collect and analyze large volumes of data.

Order development

Our world is becoming increasingly digital. Promising future business models are emerging, existing processes are being optimized – intelligent software is developing unprecedented opportunities. IT is being rethought.

The BAMAC Group offers you support for individual projects based on agile development processes. The following platforms are supported:

  • Web applications
  • Cloud applications
  • Microservices
  • Low-Code.NET
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