Category: IT Strategy & Transformation

11 Min.
Jürgen W. Bach
Macro-control in corporate IT: It doesn’t work without a management board, controlling body and policy!
This article identifies and describes a selection of structural weaknesses in the macro-control of digitalization and the associated false control impulses in companies, which need to be solved by management and politics.
6 Min.
Jürgen W. Bach
Supplier evaluation with the Financial Risk Report: Secure your supply chain
A secure supply chain is worth its weight in gold, as it ensures your company's long-term success. The Financial Risk Report is our tried and tested tool that makes supplier evaluation much easier for you.
11 Min.
Sandra Rehle
IT Benchmarking – Determine your starting position!
In IT benchmarking, we compare the performance of your company's IT services with those of another. The aim is to identify optimization potential and derive recommendations on how to improve performance in your company.
5 Min.
Jürgen W. Bach
The age of efficiency is back!
In recent years, we have witnessed an unprecedented explosion of innovations in the IT sector that have revolutionized our daily lives and challenged us at the same time. IT efficiency seemed to have been lost during this time, but now it is returning.
11 Min.
Sandra Rehle
Case Study: Increase the predictability of IT development projects!
Are you looking for more planning security in the development of IT projects? Here we show you how the plannability of IT development projects can be significantly increased in just five steps.
12 Min.
Sandra Rehle
Case study: using rolling planning to achieve consistent annual IT planning
In this article, we want to use a specific case study to show how much knowledge can be gained, and therefore how much money can be saved, when annual IT planning and rolling planning go hand in hand.
8 Min.
Sandra Rehle
IT PROJECT PORTFOLIO – agile annual planning
Due to the discrepancy between the number of IT projects and the available budget and resources, it is necessary to prioritize the projects so that they can be implemented within the current capacities.
9 Min.
Sandra Rehle
Case Study: Optimizing costs in the IT project portfolio
You have identified and evaluated your IT projects within your IT project portfolio and are now asking yourself the question: Can't it be done more cheaply? In this article, we use a case study from our practice to show you what cost optimization within the IT project portfolio can look like.
19 Min.
Sandra Rehle
Case Study: Make or Buy – The first glance can be deceptive!
Case Study: Make or Buy? This article explains what should be considered when deciding on an IT system.
4 Min.
Sandra Rehle
IT portfolio management – an instrument for corporate growth and value contribution-based planning
Which measures and projects are important for the company's success? Which measures add the most value to your company? How do you react to market changes with regard to measures and projects? How do you maintain an overview between prioritizations and rolling changes?
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